Crazy for contouring

Since I started contouring; on pretty much a daily basis, I’ve been addicted. Addicted to how you can use the bones and various areas of your face to – for example, highlight certain features, make other features seem less prominent, and altogether create a more polished and defined look. Recently, make-up secrets of cosmetic artists… More Crazy for contouring


Yes! I am SO into nail varnishes right now it’s crazy! My love of experimenting with colourful nail varnishes started up again when my fella got me a whole buncha’ different colours for my birthday! Such treats for my eyes, I couldn’t try them all out at the same time fast enough! His current fav’s… More Nails!

Get blushin’!

With just 47% of American women today wearing blush compared to 1948, when 66% wore it (InStyle), blusher is in urgent need of a revival. Blusher can be your beauty secret weapon. Providing a healthy, natural colour, a sunkissed glow. It can also be horribly overused. Bourjois creme blush, and Maybelline’s Dream Mousse Blush in… More Get blushin’!