Summer holiday wardrobe

This, like the winter wardrobe entry for NYC, briefly outlines my summer holiday wardrobe…When it didn’t consist of loads of beads, flowers worn in my hair, sarong-type beachwear and flip-flops…Which happened…Mostly. Ah come on, people – it’s Thailand.    

Embellished shoulders

The 80s make a comeback…Again…Yes! They haven’t yet stopped making a comeback, they’ve been ‘coming back’ some time as we’ve seen the return of – Neons Brights/bold colours Acid wash! Add in the infamous smiley face and it becomes 90s!) Wayfarers! Leggings (and indeed jeggings) Shoulder pads Peplums Floral prom dresses And more! Embellished tops… More Embellished shoulders


Yes! I am SO into nail varnishes right now it’s crazy! My love of experimenting with colourful nail varnishes started up again when my fella got me a whole buncha’ different colours for my birthday! Such treats for my eyes, I couldn’t try them all out at the same time fast enough! His current fav’s… More Nails!