Embellished shoulders

The 80s make a comeback…Again…Yes! They haven’t yet stopped making a comeback, they’ve been ‘coming back’ some time as we’ve seen the return of – Neons Brights/bold colours Acid wash! Add in the infamous smiley face and it becomes 90s!) Wayfarers! Leggings (and indeed jeggings) Shoulder pads Peplums Floral prom dresses And more! Embellished tops… More Embellished shoulders

Vintage swimsuits

Vintage swimsuits are so beautiful to see on the beach…Or by the pool…Or in the backyard! Pretty much anywhere it’s legal to bare flesh (reminder to those of us in Middle-Eastern locals! ;) ) I went on the search for a vintage 50s style swimming costume…That’s right; a one-piece. I hadn’t worn a one-piece since,… More Vintage swimsuits


I am obsessed with the studded look right now. I see it everywhere; Topshop, River Island, Celebboutique, in magazines, on TV. I have been visualising a pale, thin sweater (perhaps pastel pink/cream) with studded shoulders, worn with frayed, cut-off denim shorts. If they were paired with dusty old biker boots..My gosh! What an outfit! (I… More Studded!

Ombre Hair

Wearable gradiants have been well-liked on clothing for a few seasons now, but the trend has recently crossed over into the beauty world. Ombre hair is a chic look for fall, spotted on celebs, runway models, and fashionistas of all types. But wait…What on earth does Ombre mean? I hear you cry: The word ‘ombre’… More Ombre Hair

Brow journey

      Intro to brows: Importance of well-styled eyebrows If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows are the nice curtains that frame them! It isn’t until you’ve seen badly groomed brows that you appreciate well-styled ones. (Cher Lloyd before and after eyebrows correction!) I have had non-tweezed brows, over-plucked brows, shaved brows… More Brow journey