Short hair

jetson_zero Since the age of around 15; I have always had long hair. Like most people – I’ve experimented A LOT with my look, and subsequently – my hair. I’ve had light blonde highlights, grown out the highlights to wear my natural  dark blonde colour, I’ve grown it super long down to my waist, I’ve… More Short hair

Undereye Baking

jetson_zero   What is it? You may already be familiar with Contouring, Strobing, and Highlighting…And then you hear the words Baking and/or Cooking thrown into the mix…Pun intended ;). Baking is a technique that has recently found itself the most used hashtag among many. It is a makeup technique that consists of applying concealer and… More Undereye Baking

Midi rings

jetson_zero   What are they? Midi rings, otherwise known as Knuckle rings, Memory rings or Tea rings are smaller width rings that can be worn on the top half of the finger. Where did they come from? Wearing rings higher up on your fingers was actually popular during the Renaissance. And five hundred years after… More Midi rings

Luxe Sweaters

jetson_zero The Sweatshirt…A symbol of comfort, of ‘letting yourself go’ …Nope – it’s just damn cool now. You heard it here first. In the 80’s it was cool. And now in Autumn (Fall) 2012; it is cool once again…Pun intended ;)