Vintage swimsuits

Vintage swimsuits are so beautiful to see on the beach…Or by the pool…Or in the backyard! Pretty much anywhere it’s legal to bare flesh (reminder to those of us in Middle-Eastern locals! ;) )

I went on the search for a vintage 50s style swimming costume…That’s right; a one-piece. I hadn’t worn a one-piece since, well since I was about 9…In fact I literally have a picture on the last one-piece I’ve ever worn

But I knew I would search for the right one until I found it.

And find it I did!

Thank you to Debenhams! Surprisingly, I found the one I was searching for in Debenhams. I rarely shop in this store. I pick up some nice homewards, such as bedding etc sometimes in here but never clothing.


But I knew, they often stock bathing suits for older women, and this meant, one pieces had to be there!

As I approached the bathing costume isle/section/cluster of racks, I held my breath as I poked my head around the corner – Hurrah! One pieces, and not just any ol’ one-pieces…Retro-looking ones!

I tried on a couple and although I saw a nice looking two-piece bikini set, still in he 50s vibe/decoration; I stayed true to my plan and opted for the one-piece.

It’s not that flattering on the bottom though.  I don’t have a particularly massive bottom, but it is not very flattering, clings to the wrong parts and is too tight around the bum cheek areas – pulling in he material to emphaise the unflattering parts. But the front makes up for it.

Having a smaller bust and being of a pear-shaped nature, I always opt for low-rise jeans, for boot cut trousers, I seldom use belts around my hips and emphasize the smallest part of a women – the waister just below the boobs. I use a thin belt around this area.

I stick to my body shape rules because that’s what we muss do – know our boundaries ad rules and obey them.

But this costume breaks my rules. And as that seems to be the general rule of the 50s swimsuit, the break the body shape rule…It seems my rule WAS meant to b broken.

Anyway, back to my point about the front making up the it – having a smaller busy, I usually opt for two-piece bikini’s, the triangle ones. Usually with padding if I can! Tis one-piece answered my padding dreams!

Not only did it give me padding, it gave me the tie that comes from the front and wraps around the neck – pulling the breast area up…Perfect for smaller busted ladies who happen to be pear shaped – we need a little balancing out sometimes.

The colour is wonderful, red and white polka dots!

I turned around and saw a gorgeous sun hat…Not just any sunhat…A J-Lo looking massive retro kinda sunhat! With a small thing brown belted details on it.

It had to be mine!

I said out loud “I must wear this to the beach with large sunglasses and be Coco Chanel!”

Now Summer is coming…(I feel like a non-Stark…Winter is Coming…Game of Thrones reference to those of you that watch it…And those of you who don’t…Get out.)

…Just kiddin’ :)

Now that the temperature is heating up, sun hats are important, so is sunscreen – check out my post on fake tans.

I will not be sunbathing for a tan, I’ll fake-it-up if I want a glow. But I pictured myself relaxing with a good book, and that large sunhat and it makes me happy :).


There are so many gorgeous 50s inspired swim suits out there right now! I’ve put together a little visual candy for you below!



12 thoughts on “Vintage swimsuits

  1. I love how one-peices are all the rave! After having kids I will never wear a bikini again, which is fine because all these are just tooooo cute! xx

  2. Cannot say how much i love your swimming costume. i agree about not flattering bottom part though, i have a vintage style costume and it’s not flattering in the same area.
    i want to find a two-piece version.

    the hat look great with it

  3. Hi! Cool blog, here! Love the suit on you! I’d also like to add that you’re Absolutely Adorable, but IMO, the best pick of you in the polka dots is the last one :) With all due respect, I feel compelled to say the puckered/pouty lip look is so unflattering, and doesn’t make the most of your gorgeous features! And, it’s not just you, but EVERYONE who makes that face! It takes so much away from the personality of one’s own face. Everyone ends up looking the same way.

    Instead of blending in with the crowd, be confidently beautiful by blending OUT!!!

    It’s my hope that my saying this doesn’t offend you (because it is only MY personal opinion), but rather encourages you to at least consider other options. :) I wish you all the best. Take care, and keep up the awesome blog! :) xoxo

    1. Hey Athena,

      You are completely correct – I don’t wish to portray the ‘duck face’, I’ve just always pulled odd silly faces, it’s an insecurity/confidence thing. But now due to the emergence of the duck face in contemporary culture; it seems I am being misunderstood, haha!

      I shall continue to pull silly faces, as I feel it lightens the mood of taking pictures, especially of oneself – when you are trying to share ideas, products etc, and don;t want people to misunderstand and think you’re just taking pictures of yourself, which I’m not into.

      Thanks again Athena :)

  4. Do y’all have any store in Houston, Texas ? I really like the swimsuits and I’m interested on buying one ,please let me know .

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