The return of Blue Nails!

I LOVE the blue nail polish/varnish trend. I am ALL over it like a…Blue nail polish rash!

I not only wore it during its emergence in the Summer fashion trend of 2011, I wore it before then, and I wear it after.

(Janet Jackson sporting a metallic blue polish, Summer 2011)

(Kendall Jenner fashioning light blue, Spring 2011)

Just like Eva Mendez who was sporting it in Mid-Feb of last year, I like to wear polish whenever I feel I like the shade, not only when it’s ‘on-trend’:

I wear it in different shades – including pale blue, and dark blue – nice and shiny; but I love the superman tone of blue. Blue is flattering for most skin tones, looks pretty on pale and vibrant on tanned.

I noticed it was becoming a ‘thing’ again recently whilst watching E!’s ‘Fashion Police’…My dirty little secret, along with ‘Hoarders’, ‘Come Dine With Me’, and ‘How Clean Is Your House’…Aaaah **feet up with a mug of vegan coffee**, love them.
Joan Rivers was wearing a gorgeous shade of blue on her nails, and she looked really cool.
That was a couple of weeks ago now, and she’s still into blue!

In the Daily Mail today…(Yes, nicely noticed – another dirty little secret of mine, I read it without question, every morning at my desk with a green tea and a quarter of a punnet of blueberries with strawberries). Beyonce was wearing a beautiful blue polish with a statement orange dress, looking amazing, daring and healthy…Considering she’s just had a baby! – cheeky mare, eh?! ;)

According to the Daily Mail, it was her first public outing since giving birth and they reported that she did it in honour of her baby, Blue Ivy’, in NYC lastnight.

Reportedly, Bey’s manicurist Lisa Logan tweeted today: ‘Check out Beyonce’s blue nails called Baker Street by Nails Inc. I love this color!’
(Read more:

I ADORE this shade!

Whether your shade is baby blue, or Royal blue, give it a go – it’s fun, bright and always makes me smile if I see them whilst typing, they liven the work day up, and look great with a suit! ☺

Hey! If Johnny Depp says it’s alright, then it’s alright:

(Johnny Depp, October 2011)



4 thoughts on “The return of Blue Nails!

  1. I adore blue shades! Best buy recently was the Sephora Xmas pack= 18 shades of nail polish (including 3 blues) for $48 bucks! Sephora during Xmas is the BESTvalue.

  2. Beyones blue is the best one, i have a pale, glittery blue – but its not as nice. thanks for the post!!!

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