Ah, denim, denim, denim.

If you weren’t a fan of the 2010 denim trend (you couldn’t have missed it…Dungaree’s everywhere!), then you may not be a fan of 2011’s double denim.

This year had a lot of diversity with denim outlines with the return of the boot cut jean and the revisiting of the 70′s Boho Chic, think fringed bags and waistcoats. Although…Thinking in terms of celebu-tant, it never really left.

Here’s a list of Denim’s I’ve seen around lately, and next to the items I shall give my swift opinion; simply as a yes or no.

Denim sweatpants – I’m sorry, what? Denim sweatpants?? No!

Elastic denim cuffs – Why would you…I…No!

Denim Leggings – Noo! Although some funky waifs could probably get away with them. On the other hand, these could work.

Rolled cuffs; jeans and jackets – Yes! Tre chic. (Also, if you are…’Vertically challenged’ like moi, rolled up jeans are a must!)

Cargo Jeans – Oh yes! The bigger the pockets, the better! I’m wearin’ a pair right now! Comfort-a-rama.

Low-rise denims – Yes! My favourites! Difficult to pull off, quite literally sometimes! Better skip a large lunch to avoid the muffin top. I always make sure I have a long cardigan with me whilst donning a pair of these badboys. Cover up that surprise uncomfortable bloat after breakfast, grr).

High-waisted – Yes! Can look unflattering on the thighs though, but they are definitely practical.

Denim Shorts – Yes! Definitely yes! Ooh, frayed please! Sure, they’ll make us feel self-conscious; so I say – let’s look at lengths! I’ve been keeping an eye out…Both eyes in fact, for a cool pair of jean shorts, whilst they also send me on the memory train to childhood; I’d opt out of the knee length ones (not right for my height) and look for chopped off, messy, frayed shorts – not too thigh skimming though – only for the beach! I’m keepin’ my ‘orange peel’ away from the general public, I’m kind like that! : )
According to; Rachel Bilson’s denim cutout shorts are TopShop! I like the idea of adding the chain belt to dress them down.
TopShop’s ‘Frayed Denim Hotpants’ in Mid Stone with Studs, the brand sold out of these popular shorts that they did this season both with and without studs.

Bell Bottoms – YES! Definitely! All I would wear for like…At least four years was jean flares (bell bottoms). I love them. They are both extremely flattering on a slightly bottom-heavier figure, they are funkaaay!
(To my American readers; we British mean ‘funky’ to be ‘cool, rad, groovy) not funky as in ‘a bad smell’. I had a conversation with an American girl a while back, where I incorporated the word ‘funky’ – something I say quite often it seems. This was met with a strange look and a “Funky? Urgh, what?”…Followed with my Brit-US translation) Haha : )

I picked up an awesome jean jacket as Stradivarius in The Dubai Mall on the weekend. It makes me feel old-school! It’s has a slight twist to the one I wore at school however, which freshens the style – Epaulettes , military-style!

Stradivarius always have a wearable selection of jackets…Especially in Autumn (Fall) – Winter…And the chunky knit scarves! Don’t get me started on the chunky knit scarves! Breathe, breaaathe. OK. Where was I…Yes, Jackets:

Great to wear with jeans. Tough material. Very Wintery.

Gorgeous layered look. A favourite.

What are YOUR views on the return of denim? Will you be sporting elasticated denim pants to work? Maybe you’ve already purchased a pair of denim jeggings/leggings and wouldn’t be seen without them?
Maybe your friend is embarrassing you by doublin’ up on the ol’ denim trend and fashioning a denim shirt on top with denim cargo pants…But in a way, it kinda works? We here at Tribe of Mannequins are interested in YOUR opinion :)

10 thoughts on “Denim…Again?

    1. Thank you for your input Madryy!
      Are you too, a fan of denim jackets, Stradivarius or Military-style?

      I just surfed by your page, I love the pictures you use, and am sorry to hear about your turtle, have you found him yet? :(

      1. Yeah I love Military-style jackets, so fun, but I like the more sophisticated clean-cut ones, not tacky over-studded over-zipper[ed] ones hehe!

        I haven’t found him actually, though, my brothers turtle was lost for years, and then one day we found him wandering about the back-yard, out of the blue!

  1. Thanks! I’m loving that cropped denim jacket with the shorter sleeves and hood! And I can definently see something jean with the dress I just finished… Must go shopping!!!

  2. i love the layered look, love the denim jacket, the shorts, the dungarees (i call them overalls) love the flared jeans, i still have a denim blazer from miss selfridge that i think is timeless, and some of that other stuff is just crazy. what do you think of a denim chinese qipao dress? x

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